Badmouthing the Messenger, Another Australian Citizen Abandoned

There have been many negative things said about WikiLeaks editor in chief Julian Assange, except apparently nothing as damaging as the Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s words. In a radio interview she gave in 2010, she insisted that Assange had broken the law with the release of the thousands of U.S diplomatic cables by his organization, […]

The Video to Rule them All

WikiLeaks.  Julian Assange.  We’ve all heard the names countless times, often spoken in an angry tone by frustrated and frightened politicians.  As the result of perhaps misdirected coverage, the very mention of either WikiLeaks or Assange conjures up images in our minds of war, fierce political debates, and a mysterious platinum blonde figure that started […]

Assange granted asylum and the world watches.

Julian Assange, co-founder of the whistle-blower organization WikiLeaks, was granted political asylum by the London-based Ecuadorian embassy last month, on Thursday, August 16.  Assange applied for political asylum at the Ecuadorian Embassy in June after he was granted bail and able to leave the house he had been living in under house arrest for the past […]